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Birthdate:Jun 9

Whaddaya wanna know?

[aliases]: Inuyatta, I-chan, I-pimp, apparently, probably a few others--but those are the ones I stick to, mostly the first.

[Spawned?] June 9th
[ ♥] People: My friends, some of my family, and my boyfriend, obviously. ;D
Traits: People who are responsible, reliable, friendly, funny and honest. If you have any or all of these traits to some degree, we ought to get along just fine. ;)
In general:I also like finding AMAZING artists, music, interior design, food (How I'm not ridiculously overweight is beyond me =x), RPG's, manga/anime (I'm picky about both). And kitties. Yus. >3

[=/= ♥]: Douchebags, cowards, bullies, bigots, unfunny fandom trolls, doing cosplay at the last minute (HAAAAAAAAAATE >_<), wasted potential.

[Hobbies]: Cosplay, drawing, singing, dancing, martial arts, healing arts, fanfiction, collecting music, movies, cooking with the boyfriend. XD

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LOL, that's all so far. XD

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